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Copper Jewelry

Fold Formed Copper Jewelry for Your Unique Fashion Style

What is Fold Formed Jewelry?

With so many different types of jewelry for sale, how can you be sure to find something that is really unique? This is where hand crafted copper jewelry really offers its own style, with the distinctive fold forming technique. Giving each piece its very own signature.

Fold Formed Copper Leaf Earrings with applied Green Patina
Fold Formed Copper Leaf Earrings with applied Green Patina

Copper jewelry is created with one of the most artistic and stylized methods, which involves shaping and creating the jewelry piece around the individual metals properties, and unique innate. This fold forming method is what gives the copper formed jewelry its very own personality. It means that the metal is actually creating the design, and the jewelry artist is merely following the directions of the metal.

The copper jeweller has found their services, and ideas in strong demand with the help of more and more celebrities and popular fashion icons demanding unique and interesting jewelry pieces. There are many hundreds of types of styles that fold forming incorporates, and this really does give the variations, and designs a huge range of options.

How do you adapt this jewelry to your own  fashion style?

Women have the natural ability to be able to tell when designs and fashion fit together naturally.  Copper formed jewelry has a great tone and texture that blends well with the skin types of most people. If you are wearing a complex piece, then you will have to dress in more of a simplistic style to create  a balance, and the jewelry will really become a focus point. Which is a good thing.

Dress, and clothes that have complex or flattering patterns will be best matched with one of the more simple copper designs. This kind of match will really help the jewelry, in particular earrings, stand out to as sometimes the simplicity really evokes a positive reaction, by creating a type of feng sui balance with the dress you have chosen. This is why you should choose a few different designs of copper jewelry, so you can really keep your style flexible, and be able to keep your wardrobe well matched.

Some copper jewelry can really be shaped into complex and intricate designs, and this type of item is best mixed with a simple dress. Sometimes for a more elegant, and formal occasion this can be perfect.

Some of this unique Fold Formed pieces include:

Fold Formed Lily Pad Copper Earrings
Fold Formed Lily Pad Copper Earrings

If you want to set a real romantic mood from your dress and jewelry accessories, then I would recommend you choose the Lily Pad Fold Formed Earrings. Along with also the Corrugated Fold formed Copper Disk Earrings, you have a great choice here to really bring attention to your face, and features. Be sure to wear an outfit that doesn’t have any circles, dots, or a neckline with a pattern, as this will really distract from the attention that the jewelry will bring.

If you are dressing for a more professional setting, then these earnings will also look great. Plus a less formal jeans, and jumper outdoor look will provide you ample opportunity to show these off also.

Corrugated Fold Formed Copper Disc Earrings
Corrugated Fold Formed Copper Disc Earrings

Wearing a natural look involving jeans and an easy to wear top really works well with copper jewelry, due to the interesting shapes and patterns that are created you can really create the impression of elegance and sophistication, in a very subtle way.

These leaf style earrings will really flatter you with their natural inter folding curly design. They will look exquisite to wear with a simple evening dress.

You should also wear your hair in a natural flowing way which will look great with these fold formed copper corrugated leaf design earrings. Make sure you also highlight your eyes to give your face a rounded point of focus.

The copper color that the earnings have will look great with your natural skin tone, so even if you are not using any make-up, you will still look great. You can however purchase the blue copper leaf earrings, and match them with a blue dress and blue eye shadow for a real glamorous effect.

Corugated Copper Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet
Corugated Copper Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet

The Fold Formed Corrugated Copper Bracelet

You can also compliment your wrist with a lovely copper bracelet, which will again really enhance your natural look in simple dress outfit, with short sleeves.

With all the styles and designs of fold formed jewelry, that are available, you can be sure that you will find some really nice pieces to add to your wardrobe and fit all occasions, no matter if you have a preference for different styles of jewelry, including, elegant and chic  styles, you should checkout these copper master pieces, as like Joan Collins once said, a woman just can’t have enough jewelry

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